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We are a modern and progressive firm of Chartered Professional Accountants. Sure we have a couple of offices, but we are also fully web-integrated, cloud-based, and paperless. Our focus is making use of modern accounting and tax tools to move your accounting out of the dark ages and into the 21st century.

Seguro offers complete accounting services for anyone living in or outside Canada that has a business or real estate within Canada. Our experts are able to meet with anyone online, which makes it easier to conform to clients’ time schedules and it saves time for everybody. We can also provide service in a variety of languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish. Our services cover a variety of areas of accounting and tax law, including:

Audits, reviews, and other assurance

Accounting and compilations

Business tax planning and compliance

Controllership services

Trust tax filing


Looking for a specialized tax or accounting service not listed on this page? We work with like-minded accounting and tax professionals across North America who can assist in a number of specialized areas, such as tax law and cross-border tax. Give us a call to get started.



Audits differ from reviews and compilations, as they are intensive examinations of your company's systems and records, providing the highest level of assurance.

Our objective in an audit is to express an opinion on the financial statements, providing reasonable assurance that the entity’s financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework. Audits are conducted in accordance with Canadian Auditing Standards.


Review Engagements

Your financial statements may need a formal statement of assurance that they are plausible for the bank or some other party. We’ll work with you to prepare a review engagement report for your financial statements.

A review is useful when a company does not need audited financial statements, but management or third parties like banks, granting agencies, and so on, want some assurance that the financial statements are plausible. We review financial statements in accordance with established professional standards.



You may want to focus your time on running the business, leaving the bookkeeping to us. Or, you may want to be involved in part or even control the whole process. Either way, we use world class cloud-based accounting software and other digital tools to automate and digitize the process. No more shoeboxes and no more stacks of paper.


Financial Statement Compilations

Whether you run a corporation, operate as a proprietorship, or even a partnership, you will need financial statements. Financial statements are the starting point for the various tax returns. We review your accounting data to ensure that your numbers make sense. Then we use that accounting data to prepare a set of financial statements for you.


Tax Filings

Whether you operate as a proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation, you need to file the appropriate income tax return after the fiscal year end. Once we have reviewed your accounting data and prepared the financial statements, we will prepare your income tax returns and other necessary compliance documentation.


Sales Tax

If you’re registered for GST/HST, you’ll be filing returns. Whether you’re preparing your own books or have us managing the process, we review and file your GST/HST returns each period to ensure that they are filed accurately and on time.


Tax Planning

We work with you to ensure that your business and your financial goals are aligned. Be it the right balance of salary, bonus, or dividends, or, by helping you to determine the ideal business structure, planning your RRSP contributions or optimizing your deductions. We work with you, and for you, to minimize your income tax liability wherever possible, and within the law.


Investment Companies

You may have reached the end of your career or you have accumulated wealth in a corporation. Now it’s time to get that wealth into your hands. We will help you to develop a strategy to get that wealth into your hands in the most tax efficient manner possible.


Non-Residents of Canada

Even if you don’t live in Canada, you might still have a business or real estate in the area and subject to Canadian tax laws. We can help you understand the laws, your obligations under them, and what options are available to you. We will also prepare the correct tax returns for you.


Periodic Consultations

Our consultations can be carried out through virtual means, which can be more convenient. It also allows us to connect with clients all over the world in a much more efficient manner. We also offer in-person meetings at our office, by appointment.

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